Suzannah Hogan:

Topic: Aromatic medicine and Adrenal Fatigue – a holistic support for a 21 st Century condition.

Brief introduction on Adrenal Fatigue – causes/symptoms/systems affected.

The various stages of adrenal fatigue – key symptoms and things to look for as an AM practitioner.

Aromatic Medicine approaching each stage – oils and methodology to consider.

Using Aromatic Medicine to support medical and naturopathic treatment as the subject improves or declines. 

Suzannah Hogan has been using and studying aromatherapy for 25 years.

She has also studied biochemistry, cosmetic formulation, and finance/economics.

Founder of ANIA, a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing organic aromatherapy skincare for the wellness market.

She is currently completing her Aromatic Medicine studies with Aminya and has had a long career in corporate finance.