Caroline Ingraham:

Topic: The language of Smell; a new way of communicating with other species

Zoopharmacognosy (self-medication) is a behaviour that has been employed by animals since the dawn of time;

Applied Zoopharmacognosy allows your animal to select remedies as they would in the nature. Domestic and captive animals have the same self-medication abilities as their wild counter-parts.

They tend to select remedies, to bring them back to health, that contain the same or similar constituents to those found in their evolutionary history, such as essential oils, clays, algae, macerates and vegetable oils, seaweeds, minerals and other nutrients found in grasses and hedgerow remedies.

You may be surprised that behavioural problems such as separation anxiety are often resolved by working with essential oils that address physical problems. Sharing a common language via aromatics you can reach a new and exciting level of communication with your animal.