Greg Trevena: From Essentially Australia

Topic: He will present a new Australian essential oil of 2017

Greg Trevena founded Essentially Australia, a company specialising entirely in Australian native essential oils for the retail market. He bases himself and his business in a place renowned for natural beauty, wholistic medicine and healing, Byron Bay, Australia’s most easterly town.

His company has the most extensive range of native Australian essential oils. He has also written a book called ‘A Guide to Australian Native Essential Oils’. He has produced videos on native plants and their essential oils.

Greg gained a Bachelor of Business at the University of South Australia, he then discovered a meaningful passion for Australia’s native plants in the early 1990’s. Greg previously created and operated Refreshed Lemon Myrtle, a wholesale and retail business in Byron Bay from 1999 until he sold in late 2009. Greg’s Lemon Myrtle business included a shareholder, whose family is acknowledged with establishing Tea Tree essential oil around the world.