Alora Waldron:

Topic: Renew & detox yourself through intermittent fasting & cutting edge new redox science – supporting cellular communication & regeneration - cellular rejuvenation & optimal health from the inside out and outside in.

Alora has been passionately involved in the Health & Wellness industry working professionally as a Natural therapist, teacher, trainer, coach, counsellor, promoter and event co-ordinator for over 35 years, working in the areas of wholistic health, Nutrition, Iridology, Swedish, Therapeutic, Reflexology Remedial massage, sports injury & various other soft and deep tissue modalities. Plus Body Harmony, Polarity therapy, Energy balancing, Colour therapy, Reiki, Sound Healing, meditation, creative visualisation and more.

Her interest in cellular health, organics and the healing arts has her creatively weaving together a tapestry of complementary skills and expertise offering empowering education and information covering topics related to Mind, Body and Spirit. She has trained and has worked in areas as a crisis counsellor, a soul voice practitioner, working with body based psychotherapy, transformational coaching. Virtues program facilitator. As a certified soul voice practitioner she teaches and gives sessions for pain relief, harmonizing and awakening you to your own voice as well as empowering you through specific sound frequencies that are effective for relieving discomforts in the body mind spirit. Strengthening enhanced communication, self esteem, self love and confidence.

As a certified m-bit / m-brain coach she offers sessions working with the 3 main intelligences of our heart, head and gut brains creating congruence, coherence and alignment on life matters in a profound way. She works as a intuitive hands on healer and gives life readings and mentoring sessions, she is an Organic and Natural living lifestyle consultant, nutritionist, remedial therapist which all gets integrated into her transformational tailored intuitive sessions and retreats.

She incorporates accelerated learning techniques into her educational seminars, talks, healthy lifestyle kitchen makeover sessions and loves networking in community, team building and causing leadership and realised at an early age that “I can get paid to do what I love”. This came whilst being employed full time working as a Health practitioner and leading groups at one of Australia’s leading Health Farms. From this experience of working in alignment with her passion and love for people, nature and wholistic health she naturally took this criteria into all future work that she applied herself too.

Alora gives an informative Organic Healthy Lifestyle & Cellular health talk covering health from the outside in and inside out covering the latest in medical and scientific breakthroughs on the cellular level with redox signalling molecules and how to get more of these native elements into our bodies.